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Reiki counseling always helps a lot to the client. He/She feels more connected to the practitioner (Master).Client can share his/her issues comfortably whether they are very much personal. Psychology was my subject, which helps me to understand different personalities. As per client’s acceptance, I can guide and help them for their situations from any aspect of life.

Reiki circles

Reiki circles conducted in once in a month. It’s a free Reiki circle. Free healing sessions are there. Reiki introduction and counseling will be there.

Crystal World Peace Grids placed by William Lee Rand in different parts of the world.


  • Burning Bowl Ceremony: Anyone can join this ceremony for burning his/her fears, failures, to get rid off emotional baggage
  • Eclipse Ceremony
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Spirit Release
  • Meditation

    There are many meditations which are used in different levels of Reiki classes as well as in Reiki sessions also.


    Please visit reiki.org/www.reikiwebstore.com


    There are seven major chakras in human body.


    It’s a wide science crystal healing. Different crystals are used to heal different Chakras.

    Crystal set for Chakra's healing

    Wall Hangings: For example

    Reiki Kanji Wall Hangings

    Reiki Kanji Paper

    Benefits after completing Reiki I & II

  • It covers all the aspects of life present ,past and future. For example any of your manifestation.
  • You can heal a person,place and situation.
  • You can heal of physical,emotional and Spiritual pain.
  • After Reiki I & II, you will be Reiki practitioner.You can send healing at any distance whether it is a country or space.
  • Situation Healing: - Related to health,family,finances,relationships,career,profession,business.This can be specific for some like buying a house, a car,getting a job,or admission in college or school,marriage,kids and so on.
  • Holy Fire Reiki is the answer to all our situations.
  • Reiki in Hospitals

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